Eikund stories

Eikund is releasing limited edition design classics in collaboration with street artist Martin Whatson.

Eikund featured on ICFF.com

About the project

Stylecraft welcomes Eikund to its family

Meet Fluffy

Designed in 1954, Fluffy is characterized by the ultra-soft upholstery in Norwegian sheepskin and its sloping armrests which leans you into a welcoming embrace.

“Design icon sprayed by street artist”

Eikund Green

Through Eikund Green, we want to show our customers that we care about our impact on the world. Not because we weren’t doing it previously, just because it’s a story we haven’t yet told!

Bringing mid-century classics to Australia

When thinking of Norway, one is likely to picture awe-inspiring landscapes, fjords, oil and fishing industries. And, perhaps, Edvard Munch’s The Scream.

The New nordic at Tollgård

Made to last

Quality is at the centre of every choice made at Eikund. Combining iconic modern aesthetics with high quality natural materials. Each piece is crafted to last a lifetime.

Norway is a world leader in design, but we need a larger Norwegian turnout!

Circular economy for human wellbeing

Circular economy is at the heart of what we do at Eikund. We increase the life-cycle of materials and products, minimise our material throughput and give something back to regenerate natural systems.

NYCxDESIGN Awards Finalist