Eikund – 06 june 2023

The Ry Chair

A subtle authority

When we think of the 1960s, we’re straight back to the “Mad men” era – when smoking, drinking, and socialising were all natural parts of office hours.

Though this was perhaps more common for the “elite”, the furniture in the office landscape was for both business and pleasure.

RY, our newest member to the Eikund collection, is from the elegant “Mad men” office. The overall style of the chair, with voluminous upholstery and great comfort, makes this a true 1960s classic.

Timeless elegance

Originally designed by the Norwegian designer, Sven Ivar Dysthe, and produced by Dokka Furniture, RY is previously known from the “3001” series – consisting of a conference table, conference chair, writing desk, cabinet, and even a flower box.

Now, 60 years later, the popular conference chair from one of Dokka’s most successful series is finally back in production.

Ry original

Making it into the modern home

It’s safe to say that RY fits perfectly at home as in the office. The elegant, timeless design makes this an instant eye-catcher, either as a single piece in the living room or together in a group around the dining table.

“RY is a chair that draws you closer. The first time I saw it, I immediately felt a great vibe and a WOW effect. The overall design is well-balanced, with details that really showcase craftsmanship to its fullest. Details, such as the piping and stitching, give that old racing car look, and it works surprisingly well as a dining chair,” Morten Hippe says, co-founder and COO at Eikund.

With today’s newfound love for our home office, RY is ticking off all the boxes in usability in the home with its functional design.

The distinct look is changeable with our different colours, fabrics and finishes available – while keeping the chair’s subtle authority.

Ry cognac

About the chair

“This chair makes you want it.”

– Morten Hippe, co-founder and COO at Eikund

Ry has solid wood as the key material – showcasing craftsmanship at its very best. It comes in two different versions. The dining chair and armchair consist of the same parts, where only minor changes and additions, such as the armrests, are needed in the manufacture.

There are many details to both versions of the chair, but the main attraction is the connection between the backrest and the horizontal leg stretcher. This subtle detail illustrates the brilliance of Dysthe’s design.

Morten adds: “Other nice details are the subtle oval shape of the leg stretchers, the refined organic form of the armrests and the simple but genius assembly solution. All in all: this chair makes you want it.”

Ry grønn

About the designer

Sven Ivar Dysthe was and still is known as one of Norway’s leading furniture designers.

He graduated from the Royal College of Art in 1954. After graduating, Dysthe started working for the Danish architects and furniture designers Peter Hvidt and Orla Mølgaard Nielsen in Copenhagen. In Denmark, he gained high knowledge and understanding of Scandinavian design.

He moved back to Norway the following year, where his career skyrocketed. The breakthrough was the series “1001” from 1960, produced with Dokka Furniture.

His furniture characterises elegant and modern design. All products are minimal in both form and material use. One of his main focuses was to allow for serial production, combining great systematic solutions with the right amount of details.

He loved to explore new and modern techniques and designed Ry in a way that made it efficient for production.

Sven Ivar Dysthe

Expect the unexpected

We’re honored to be a part of 3daysofdesign in cooperation with Overgaard & Dyrman and our partner UR, contemporary art and interior, 7th-9th of June 2023.

The exhibition will take place at Martin Asbæk’s gallery in Bredgade, Copenhagen, giving a global glimpse into Danish and Norwegian design of its kind.

We promise an experience out of the ordinary.