Fluffy lounge chair


The Fluffy lounge chair by Fredrik A. Kayser is characterized by its ultra-soft upholstery in Norwegian sheepskin, and its sloping armrests leaning you into a welcoming embrace. Kayser graduated from National Academy of Craft and Art Industry back in 1945 and the lounge chair was designed while being employed at Rastad & Relling Tegnekontor. It combines both art and function into one, a floating cloud of fluffiness that builds on the past for the present. This is a brand-new species that can live anywhere!

Designed in 1954

Material options

Fluffy comes in a range of material options; hardwood and sheepskin.

NB! Variations might occur with the long sheepskin; the natural white version can have some yellow colour in it, and the natural black version can have some brown colour in it.




Dimensions: Fluffy lounge chair