The Isbjørn figure is a physical pictogram resulting in a beautiful interpretation of the polar bear. It was designed in 1955 and awarded with a gold medal only two years later at the Deutsche Handwerksmesse in Munich. Arne Tjomsland got the inspiration from reading Polar literature as a child and the time he spent with his father, Preparator Michael Tjomsland at the Zoological Museum in Oslo.

Gold medal, Deutsche Handwerksmesse in Munich, 1955
Gold medal, Deutsche Handwerksmesse in Munich, 1955

Treat your home to a beautiful decoration
It takes talent to create an accurate portrait using only design. So there’s no doubt about Arne Tjomsland’s talent when you look at his portrait of the polar bear. Here, it is the design itself that gives the figurine its character, which still appears perfectly formed and lifelike. With its soft, playful outline, the polar bear is also a pleasure to both look at and touch.

Let the magnificent animal move into your home and enjoy its abstract beauty.
Isbjørn comes in white beech and beewax oiled oak, both FSC®-certified.

In cooperation with Spring Copenhagen
The Isbjørn figures are produced and distributed world wide in cooperation with Spring Copenhagen in Denmark.


Buy Isbjørn directly from our webshop, in cooperation with Spring Copenhagen

Material options

Isbjørn is handmade from FSC®-certified wood. and comes in white painted beech or beewax oiled natural oak.


Note: The small Isbjørn is scheduled to launch in fall 2023. Until then, only the large version will be available for sale trough our retailers and in the webshop.

Dimensions: Isbjørn

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