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Our sawmill is certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), meaning that the Eikund range of furniture is based on premium hardwood, sourced from responsible and renewable forests. We only use material that is strictly controlled all the way to a finished product.

European white oak

The oak trees we use are somewhere between 150-200 years old, it has a light appearance, is strong, and will age with a beautiful patina. The white oak is the most widely used hardwood in the furniture industry.

American black walnut

The walnut we use is about 150 years old, it has a dark brown colour, is strong, hard and durable. This type of walnut is one of the most versatile and popular woods for furniture production.


It is important that the surface treatment preserves the tactility and aesthetics of the material, while being able to withstand the tough demands of everyday life. Soap treated wood provides the most authentic experience for a natural material, but will demand some maintenance. For a more protective surface, our products come in clear and white pigmented oil. We also use a matte lacquer that makes it almost maintenance free.

Please note: As wood is a natural product, variations in colour and pigmentation will occur. Wooden furniture will also change appearance over time as it is affected by the environment in which its placed.

Hardwood oak




Vegetable tanned aniline leather

Our selection of leathers ensures genuine quality that will age with beauty. All our upholstered furniture comes with vegetable tanned leathers. The hides we use are tanned using a recipe of natural materials, such as oak bark. The transformation from raw hides into a material that will last a long time is a process that happens slowly in wooden drums. It is a process based on the use of natural tannins and machinery, but the most important elements are patience and time.

Vegetable tanned leathers have an open structure that allows the leather to breathe, no other leather is as comfortable. Among the various tanning methods, the vegetable tanning is the only one able to give leather a unique characteristic, and at the same time being the most natural and environmentally friendly process. It is able to join comfort and look, fashion and tradition, distinctiveness and versatility in the product. Our vegetable tanned leather comes from Tärnsjö Garveri and Stolz, this is the most exclusive range in our collection.

Aniline leather
Range: Soft

Aniline leather
Range: Saddle

Chromium tanned semi-aniline leather

Chromium tanning is the industry standard for furniture leathers, especially when it comes to public use. As with the vegetable tanned leathers, Eikund source only the best in order to ensure durability. To guarantee lightfastness and breathability, the leathers are finished with a light top coat that provides protection and a semi-aniline quality. This maintains the leathers softness and colour for many decades to come. Our protected hides are made by Sørensen Leather, and is the finest of its type.

Please note: Chrome occurs naturally in the environment in stone, soil, plants and volcanic material. chromium III salt is safe to use and non-toxic. This version of chromium is NOT be confused with chromium VI, which is toxic and is prohibited for use in tanning.

Semi-aniline leather
Range: Spectrum


We have made our own textile universe to ensure that all types enhance and compliment every piece of furniture in the Eikund collection.
The quality and properties are carefully chosen and are suitable for both private and public use. The textiles are tested according to standardized test methods, as great importance is placed on the environment, durability, and functionality.

When it comes to textile, we have partnered up with Kvadrat as our main supplier. They deliver the finest materials to the furniture industry, and we therefore recommend other types of textiles from them as a COM solution if needed.

The number one content in our standard textiles is wool, between 87-100% of its composition. Wool is a natural, long-lasting fibre and is a fast renewable material since the sheep can be sheared multiple times.

Wool is naturally flame retardant, which means that chemical treatment is generally unnecessary. This contributes to a cleaner indoor environment. Only biodegradable detergents and spinning oils are used in the scouring and spinning. In addition, waste fibres are, as far as possible, gathered and recycled by other industries. Oils are used in the scouring and spinning. In addition, waste fibres are, as far as possible, gathered and recycled as well.

Product information:
Fiord (Ecolabel, Greenguard)
Tonica (Ecolabel, Greenguard)
Baru (Greenguard)

All textiles from Eikund are sourced from EU countries, and comply with the strict rules and regulations defined by EU legislation.

Textile group 1 & 2