The Bolder story

A place close to home

The Eikund way

As a Norwegian company Eikund is surrounded by magnificent nature in all directions. What we see every day is never taken for granted, it inspires us to always improve and do better.

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Eikund X Whatson - For mental health


The Norwegian furniture company Eikund is re-launching Norwegian furniture classics that will most definitely impress. With the presentation of Veng arm chair, designed by Torbjørn Bekken in 1960, Eikund is entering a chapter in the Norwegian design history.

Our latest projects

Woodnest treehouses are designed by Norwegian architects Helen & Hard. Helen & Hard have taken the concept of treehouse building to new heights with their progressive design. This is the ideal home for Krysset lounge chair, designed by Fredrik Kayser in 1955.

Krysset lounge chair at Woodnest
Eikund lookbook

The Eikund lookbook

We collect stories.
Pieces of forgotten history
pieced together once again.

Eikund stories

The Bolder Story

The Bolder Story

Not far from where Eikund was founded, and made their first chairs, theses spectacular cabins have slowly emerged. The Bolder. A place hovering high above the Lysefjord, one of Norway's most spectacular fjords, introducing Norwegian design aligned with Norwegian nature.