Eikund – February 2024

UnForgettable elegance.
UnCompromising quality.

Meet UnFluffy.

This June, the Fluffy lunge chair becomes available in an “UnFluffy” version with textile. We have been working on customising the product for the market all winter.

The UnFluffy lounge chair by Fredrik A. Kayser is characterized by its sloping armrests leaning you into a welcoming embrace. This is the more versatile sibling of the Fluffy lounge chair.

UnFluffy Lounge Chair
Fluffy Lounge Chair

“This product has great potential, as several people have expressed that they could imagine a slightly more “toned-down” version of Fluffy”, says Morten Hippe from Eikund.

Now, in a way, Eikund are going back to the original, but still innovating. Featuring a design without buttons and with an elegant seam at the back.

Eikund - The Bolder - Hertug dining chair, Øya dining table

“This has been done relatively easily. We were two people who worked through the solutions together. One person with a background as an industrial designer and the other person with training as an upholsterer. We planned most of it before we started, based on an original chair and how the core casting looks. After two prototypes, we were able to fine-tune all the necessary details to bring it up to a “high-end” level”, says Hippe.  

Standard fabrics

While UnFluffy is based on the original Fluffy drawings and manufacturing process, there are subtle differences all around. With the thick, raggy sheepskin gone, the basic shapes and clean lines becomes the center of focus. Fitting the fabric without creases around the armrests and creating elegant seams were two problems that had to be solved. The shapes of the seating and back have also been tweaked to compensate for the brand-new look without fluff.

Hertug dining chair and Øya dining table with Figgjo and Hadeland Glassverk

“We have chosen Elle and Safire as our standard textiles. This is based on their aesthetics, texture and thickness, as well as how they fit the shape of the chair. Both fabrics are from our partner Kvadrat and have the Greenguard Gold environmental certificates. Elle is a type of boucle with a nice structure, and it is quite soft. While Safire is on the edge of being boucle without being it. Safire is a bit tighter than Elle, but with nice texture and structure. The chair gets a visible softness with these textiles”, says Hippe.

Preserves the Norwegian design heritage

There is a great deal of beautiful furniture in the Norwegian design history that is unknown to most of the world. Eikund aims to gather the best of Norwegian furniture design from the 1950s and 60s under one brand.

“I bet there are a number of people who are pleasantly surprised by UnFluffy. We in team Eikund certainly are”, says Hippe.

Hertug dining chair and Øya dining table with Figgjo and Hadeland Glassverk