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Eikund – January 2024

Meet our dealers in Norway

We are proud to have many retail- and contract dealers around the world. Here you can see a presentation of some of our Norwegian dealers, both within the retail- and project market.

“We want to give our partners the attention they deserve, as our representatives around the world. We depend on them, and we want to use our channels to put our partners into the spotlight.”

– Jørgen Tengesdal

Eikund - The Bolder


Contract dealer, Oslo

Lindbak are proud to have a long tradition of collaboration with many of the leading Norwegian suppliers, including Eikund.

– Eikund’s dedication to quality materials and craftsmanship that creates durable products and local production with short-distance deliveries, are values ​​of great importance to us at Lindbak. That makes Eikund a natural partner for us, says Stine Geving.

Among their favorite products are Fluffy and Krysset armchairs, two classic pieces of furniture that represent the best of Norwegian design. Fluffy, designed by the renowned Norwegian designer Fredrik A. Kayser and made of Norwegian wool, combines art and function in a unique way.

– In addition, the Krysset armchair, also designed by Fredrik A. Kayser, is one of our favourites. At our showroom in Oslo, we are lucky to have one of the relaunched Krysset armchairs in a unique suit – Eikund x Whatson. The “Oslo Fade Edition 2021” version, which is designed by the Norwegian street artist Martin Whatson, she says.

Eikund - The Bolder - Veng lounge chair

Senab Eikeland

Contract delaer, Stavanger

Senab Eikeland believes it´s important to take care of and support Norwegian design. They also appreciate that Eikund has a focus on sustainability, which corresponds well with their own goals and strategy.

– Hunter lounge chair is our favourite product from Eikund. But we currently don´t have it in our showroom in Stavanger. We appreciate the good relationship we have with Eikund, and see them as a good partner, Martin Kamp says.

Møbelgalleriet Moss

Møbelgalleriet Moss

Retail dealer, Moss

Møbelgalleriet says that Eikund is educational and exciting to work with. The project around finding older Norwegian designs from history and putting them into production, is trendy at the moment. Customers have increasingly opened their eyes to Norwegian furniture design in recent years.

– It´s not easy to choose just one favorite from Eikund’s catalogue. My favorites changes, but I have landed on Fluffy. The chair has a duality to it that I like. It´s both beautiful and strange, funny and almost a little scary. It gets a lot of attention in the store, and generates exciting conversations about Norwegian furniture design in general. Although the chair may not be for everyone, it tends to lighten the mood and gets customers interested, Håkon Borg says.

Hos Haakon

Hos Haakon

Retail dealer, Tromsø

Hos Haakon think it´s fantastic to be able to work with a supplier that focuses on Norwegian design.

They believe the story behind each individual design to be very inspiring, and use every opportunity they get to talk about Eikund.

– There is a particular pride in working with products that have history from our own country. Veng is one of my favorite chairs, and I think it always will be. I like everything from the comfort to the design details in the armrests. It’s a unique chair that makes me feel at home, Stina Karlsen says.