Out of the ordinary

Eikund – 10 may 2023

3 days of design

Our classics untamed

7th-9th of June 2023.
Martin Asbæk’s gallery in Bredgade, Copenhagen

On Eikund’s quest to share the Norwegian design legacy with the world, we’ve spent countless hours on a treasure hunt through Norway–collecting designs that are made to endure the test of time.

Among our designs, most of them are labeled as “classics.” To us, that is a great compliment. It means to be liked by the majority.

But sometimes, not being liked by many, but loved by a few, is the biggest compliment you can get.

To be unique.

Eikund x Whatson Krysset Bubblegum

Eikund x Whatson Krysset Bubblegum

A splurge of colours

If there’s one thing we’ve never been afraid of at Eikund, it’s putting an edge on our beloved classics. To be bold. To evolve and move our designs towards the unexpected.

At 3daysofdesign, Denmark’s annual design festival, we want to portray just that. Showing off three of our Norwegian classics in a playful way. Letting them flourish. To surprise. To not compromise.

Some of our original classics are ready to take the stage together with our untamed limited editions.

The new look on Fluffy is designed together with the Norwegian yarn brand Værbitt. Martin Whatson has yet again created a new and colourful look on Krysset lounge chair.

“To work with a natural material like sheep wool is very rewarding. It’s a process of working with the material because it’s like it has its own will, and it does not necessarily obey my wishes,”
— says Laila Yvonne Henriksen, founder of Værbitt.

“Hand-dyeing yarn and textiles is a somewhat unpredictable process, which is perhaps precisely why I like it so much. It’s absolutely magical when it flaps.”

She adds:

“It’s like the finishing result looks back at the viewer with its unique personality. For me, The Norwegian Short Tail Landrace is pretty “rock and roll” to begin with. After doing my colour magic on Fluffy’s wool, it’s all about that “Punk hair, don’t care” attitude”

It's all about that "punk hair, don't care attitude"

The big reveal: Welcoming RY & OMA

In addition to introducing our untamed limited editions, we are excited to reveal two of our newest Norwegian design pieces to the Eikund collection: RY and OMA.

RY, a true 1960s classic designed by Sven Ivar Dysthe, is finally back in production. Characterized by its old school office-look, RY comes in two different versions––ready to be explored at the exhibition. The main attraction to both is probably the connection between the backrest and the horizontal leg stretcher. This subtle detail exemplifies the brilliance of Dysthe’s design.

Ry dining chair

OMA is a dining table designed in the mid-1950s by Sigurd Resell. What characterizes Resell’s design is the defined logical construction — where form follows function. The dining table has both a static version and an extendable version with no supporting leg needed.

Oma table

Expect the unexpected

We’re honored to be a part of 3daysofdesign in cooperation with Overgaard & Dyrman and our partner UR, contemporary art and interior, 7th-9th of June 2023.

The exhibition will take place at Martin Asbæk’s gallery in Bredgade, Copenhagen, giving a global glimpse into Danish and Norwegian design of its kind.

We promise an experience out of the ordinary.