Eikund- The Bolder

Eikund – September 2023

Closer with The Bolder

Welcome to the Bolder. A set of spectacular lodges hovering high above Lysefjorden, one of Norway’s most spectacular fjords. Designed by internationally renowned architectural firm Snøhetta, and furnished by Eikund, alongside the Danish design company Vipp, the lodges invite you to slow down and experience closeness in its truest form.

Eikund - The Bolder

“The project grew out of the desire to create an experience that is truly special and authentic, where nature plays the leading role”, says Frank Denis Foray, Snøhetta’s Lead Architect on the Bolder project.

“The goal was to create a total experience for the visitors – returning to a cosy, warm wooden nest with a spectacular panoramic view of the ever-changing weather after a full day of hiking along the fjord”

Frank Denis Foray, Snøhetta’s Lead Architect on the Bolder project.

The Bolder has a way of drawing you in and making you feel closer to nature, closer to yourself, and closer to your people. It truly is a place designed to relax, recharge, and reconnect.

Eikund - The Bolder - Veng arm chair, Fluffy lounge chair, Øya dining table
Eikund - The Bolder

Spectacular Nature Meets Nordic Minimalism

The Bolder attracts people from all corners of the world. No wonder, given the unforgettable experience it offers – both within and outside the wooden nests. Rather than competing with nature, the lodges’ simplistic design and minimal furnishing seamlessly blend and harmonise with its breathtaking surroundings. The space allows guests to fully immerse in the beauty of the environment as well as creating a tranquil escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Eikund - The Bolder - Veng lounge chair
Eikund - The Bolder - Veng arm chair

Inside the lodges, a minimalist design embraces nature’s serenity. The Eikund furniture has been carefully curated with meticulous attention to detail. The atmosphere culminates in an inviting space that encourages you to linger at the table, savour long meals, and engage in meaningful conversations seated in the most comfortable chairs. The Bolder simply has the power to bring you closer to friends and family – creating unforgettable memories and deep connections.

Eikund - The Bolder - Hertug dining chair, Øya dining table

A Classic Isn’t a Classic Without Comfort

According to CEO of Eikund, Jørgen Tengesdal, comfort is as important as the visual aspects when designing furniture. At Eikund they strive to tick all the boxes, and they refuse to design a chair that is uncomfortable to sit in. Their philosophy is that a chair must have the right to exist and truly earn its title as a classic, which is impossible without comfort.

“When people gather in a lounge or dining area, it’s often to socialise, eat, or engage in activities, which allows for meaningful conversations. This is something that we, as a furniture producer, can facilitate by creating the optimal environment for those special moments between people”

– Jørgen Tengesdal, co-founder and CEO at Eikund

“It is not just about designing beautiful furniture but being a facilitator for people to share experiences and meaningful, unforgettable moments”, Tengesdal explains.

Moreover, the use of furniture crafted from natural materials, complemented by earthy hues and organic textures, provides a calming ambiance, encouraging a deeper connection with nature, as well as moments of quiet self-reflection.

Eikund - The Bolder - Hertug dining chair

The Transformative Power of Gathering Around a Table

To truly emphasise the unique character of The Bolder, as well as highlight its close connection to nature and the intimate bond it creates, Eikund invited their loved ones to experience the Bolder’s transformative power of coming together and sharing a first-class meal prepared by renowned chef Christian André Pettersen.

The collaboration between Eikund and Pettersen came together through their shared values and the unique drive to be the best within their respective fields. Together, they are forming a powerful experience compatible with The Bolder and its surroundings.

“We are all passionate about what we do and have all excelled within our fields, but what drew me to this event was the notion that together we could create something quite unique”

– Christian André Pettersen, The Bolder project chef

Together, Snøhetta’s immaculate design – with an architectural vision of seamlessly blending structures with nature – is paired with Eikund’s passion for well-crafted furniture that harmonises with its surroundings. Pettersen’s culinary artistry further captures the essence of the location and unites people through shared dining experiences.

Eikund - The Bolder - Hertug dining chair, Øya dining table

Excellence is in the Attention to Detail

At the Bolder, every aspect of the experience has been meticulously crafted. The perfection lies in the meticulous attention given to every detail, which is evident in the thoughtfully designed lodges, the carefully curated Eikund furniture, and the way the design blends beautifully with its surroundings.

“The detail is not one thing. It’s everything”

– Christian André Pettersen, The Bolder project chef

Eikund - The Bolder - Veng lounge chair
Eikund - The Bolder - Hertug dining chair

Guided by a genuine commitment to the environment, nature remains at the heart of every decision made. This has resulted in a space and an experience that harmonises with the surrounding nature at the Bolder.

– The trees that had to be removed during construction were intentionally preserved for repurposing in other project components. Similarly, the excavated granite has found a new purpose as the foundation for the construction’s concrete elements.

– Frank Denis Foray, Snøhetta´s Lead Architect on the Bolder project

Their collaborative efforts extend to local stakeholders, fostering partnerships that enrich their sustainable practices and lead to conscious solutions, leaving a minimal ecological footprint.

Eikund - The Bolder - Veng lounge chair