Bo Bedre – 13 September 2022

Hunter nominated for Bo Bedre’s design award

Our hunter lounge chair is nominated in the category “Relaunch of the year” by Bo Bedre.

For the 14th year in a row, Bo Bedre is honoring Norwegian design and its designers. Hunter is nominated in the category “Relaunch of the year” and the winner will be a product that has emerged from Norwegian design history and that is contributing to strengthen Norwegian design across the world. We are so honored to be nominated!
Showroom in Haven

What does it take to relaunch a product?

With every product we launch, there’s countless hours spent searching through old lofts for the original drawings. Many coffee cups consumed in search of the authentic story. We call it the treasure hunt, and that’s even before the real work begins…

To re-launch a classic there is the aspect of telling its unique story, yet in a contemporary context. There’s always an option to improve certain elements due to the evolution of materials as well as production methods. It’s the art of staying true to its originality, while at the same time recognizing the innovations of our time that will make these new editions timeless – in design and durability.

About the product: the Hunter Chair

Simplicity is the result of all the hard work that goes into the Hunter Chair. There’s an air of effortlessness to this chair, yet so much effort has gone into this iconic classic.

The smell of the organically tanned leather.
The carefully sourced buckles.
The smooth transitions of the wood.
And of course, its overall level of craftsmanship.

It’s all in the tiny details; that by not being visible is so crucial for the feeling of this chair. 

Showroom in Haven

About the designer: Torbjørn Afdal

Afdal had a combination of art and tradition in his work, with a talent of utilizing the natural possibilities of wood. Around 1955-65, Afdal’s furniture design gained a more crafted feel, the armchair Broadway together with the hunting chair Hunter was his artistic highlights.
Afdal got recognised internationally as a highly skilled designer. Among those who purchased Afdal’s design were First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy and the Japanese Emperor, and he later designed the office of Norwegian Prime Minister Gro Harlem Brundtland.