Woodnest – september 2020

Enjoy Krysset in a Hardangerfjord treehouse

Woodnest offers a stay at their treehouses Odda in Norway. Here you can enjoy the panoramic view over the magnificent Hardangerfjord, while lounging in Eikund’s Krysset, designed by Fredrik A. Kayser.

Photo Cred: woodnest.no
Woodnest treehouses are designed by Norwegian architects Helen & Hard. Helen & Hard have taken the concept of treehouse building to new heights with their progressive design.. Each treehouse is 15m2 and has been engineered so that the tree (with little support from foreign structures) supports the full weight of the treehouse. The tree lives inside the structure in the middle of the treehouse, representing our respect and appreciation for nature and the outdoors. The interior is fashioned using the finest black alder wood and the exterior blends into the natural surroundings, resembling the Norwegian “kongla” (pine cone). Inside you will find handcrafted chairs, designed and produced in Norway by Eikund.  We have chosen the highest quality fabrics and incorporated small touches of luxury to each treehouse.
Bookings are open from October: woodnest.no
Photo Cred: woodnest.no All photos: woodnest.no