eikund.com, #2 – September 2018

Eikund is the Winner of the Year’s Relaunch, BoBedre Design Award 2018

Every year, the BoBedre magazine honours Norwegian design and give awards in nine categories. Eikund is the Winner of the Year’s Relaunch, BoBedre Design Award 2018 with the iconic “Krysset” lounge chair.

Krysset has unique qualities that are hard to match, with stunning craftsmanship and excellent precision. The jury believes that Eikund has taken on a great responsibility by buying and collecting these norwegian designs, and impressively preserving an important piece of our Norwegian heritage.

The chair, which was designed in 1955, is already our bestseller after its relaunch in 2017, and the jury has no doubt that it still has a long life ahead.

Read more about Krysset here.

The “Øya dining table” has launched and is ready to order

Øya, designed by Sigurd Resell in 1956, is an extendable dining table that was only made for one client, a true “one of a kind” product. Sigurd graduated from National Academy of Craft and Art Industry in 1947. He designed Øya while being employed at Rastad & Relling Tegnekontor in Oslo.

What characterize Resell’s design are the defined logical constructions where form is decided by function. The elegant elliptical shape of the tabletop is both classical and modern, with legs that strengthens this feeling with an oval to round shape. We are proud to have this unique and beautiful table as part of the Eikund collection.

Read more about Øya here.