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eikund.com, #7 - may 2019

Krysset by Eikund – shortlisted for loose furniture product of the year

Krysset is nominated as "Product of the Year - Loose Furniture" at the Mixology Awards 2019. Designed in 1955, Krysset is a stunning example of mid century Norwegian design. The shorlisting of Krysset for this award affirms the 21st century’s appetite and appreciation for the creators of our past. Eikund is a new manufacturer of previously forgotten Norwegian designs and dedicate themselves to hunting through archives and attics, looking for these design gems and then breathing life into them with the upmost care and integrity.

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May 01
On top - Mai 2019

Warm welcome

With its striking fjords and spectacular landscapes, Norway is the quintessence of natural beauty. Beyond the northern lights, breathtaking scenery and midnight sun, however, this Nordic nation is home to a quality that can’t be captured in a photograph or put into words: kos, the small joys that make us feel safe and content.

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Eikund - 12. april 2019

The Treasure hunt

Throughout 2015 Eikund went treasure hunting across the country rummaging attics and archives to discover Norway’s hidden furniture gems. They talked, traveled and drank copious cups of coffee on a mission to highlight Norway’s forgotten design history.

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