Sep 25
Sep 25
ELLE Decoration - september 2020

Inside story – eikund

Eikund tells its story in the September issue of Elle Decoration UK. Including the highlights ‘Krysset' chair (1955), and the whimsical ‘Fluffy’ chair from 1954, designed by Fredrik A Kayser. "Thanks to Eikund, Norway’s timeless pieces are at last getting the global recognition they deserve."

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Aug 28
May 29
BBC Culture designed - may 2020

Eikund in BBC Culture designed

Read about Eikund in this article on BBC’s Culture channel, with the topic “The quirky charm of Norwegian design”. The article covers the Norwegian designers and Eikund’s Morten Hippe talks about how the Norwegian designers made it so far. “It wasn’t about craftsmanship at that time,” says Morten Hippe, of the Norwegian furniture brand Eikund, “but about producing simple design that could be delivered quickly”.

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Mar 25
Jan 15
The 189 - OEN - eikund
OEN - january 2020

Rediscovering Norwegian Design – Furniture Handcrafted by Eikund

Eikund is forging a path of rediscovery in the history of Norwegian Design. This company, located in Hellvik, Norway has been scouring public and private records to uncover hidden gems to bring to the public eye. Their collection is not a body of work completed by a single artist, but rather a conglomeration of designers working during the mid-twentieth century. These pieces have clear inspiration from the modernistic trends of the time, being simple, functional, and beautifully crafted.

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Jan 15
eikund - january 2020

Meet us at Oslo Design Fair

Eikund will be showcasing Norwegian design furniture at Oslo Desgin Fair January 22 - 24 in Lillestrøm, Norway. We’ll be present on our stand together with our danish contract dealer, Holmris B8, and look forward to meeting you there. In Hall C, Oslo Design Fair have gathered exhibitors in interior, furnishing & illustration as well as those targeting project and architecture markets. You will find our stand at C01-50-4.

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Jan 14
Dec 06
Scan Magazine - Decemeber 2019

Scan Magazine loves Isbjørn

In this month's Scan Magazine, Eikund is represented with the Isbjørn figure on the "We love this..." pages. “We love this Isbjørn figure from Eikund, a new company re-launching Norwegian design classics that will most definitely impress. It is a physical pictogram resulting in a beautiful interpretation of the polar bear. Originally designed in 1955 by Arne Tjomsland, known for giving shape to animals from the Nordic fauna, this beautiful figure brings a piece of the Arctic into your home.”

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Oct 02
Aram at Elle Decoration

Eikund featured in Elle Decoration

The chair 'Hertug' is represented in this months Elle Decoration magazine. Discover the best in Scandinavian design at Aram Store as it holds a month-long celebration of classic and contemporary brands. Hailing from Norway, this new brand celebrates the country’s unsung furniture heroes, such as Fredrik A Kayser’s 1959 ‘Hertug’ chair. Its collection features elegant seating and tables in leather and wood.

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Sep 09
Aug 14
eikund - august 2019

Broadway by Eikund – nominated in the category «Årets relansering» (Relaunch of the year) in Bo Bedre’s design awards

Broadway by Torbjørn Afdal – relaunched by Eikund, is nominated in Bo Bedre’s design awards in the same category as last year – «Årets relansering» (Relaunch of the year). The awards are held on August 28th. The jury says: Torbjørn Afdal won gold at the craft fair So Wohnt Europe in Munich in 1959 with the chair Broadway, and it's not hard to understand why. The rigid oak frame is nicely broken by the softpadded leather seat, while horn-like protrusions finishes the design in a devilish way. Eikund who has specializes in relaunches of Norwegian design, is also behind this.

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Jul 31
OnOffice Magazine - June 2019

Treasure hunt – Eikund uncovers Norway’s design treasures

"As a small fishing village on the western coast of Norway, Hellvik is perhaps best known for its unspoilt beauty and vast wilderness than bustling design scene. However, all eyes are currently on this Nordic spot as a thriving community of Norwegian designers is making waves both nationally and internationally, thanks to their elegant designs, marrying high- quality materials with functionality and timeless aesthetics." — © OnOffice magazine, as featured in June 2019

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Jun 21
Jun 17
Jun 12
May 21
May 20
May 14, #7 - may 2019

Krysset by Eikund – shortlisted for loose furniture product of the year

Krysset is nominated as "Product of the Year - Loose Furniture" at the Mixology Awards 2019. Designed in 1955, Krysset is a stunning example of mid century Norwegian design. The shorlisting of Krysset for this award affirms the 21st century’s appetite and appreciation for the creators of our past. Eikund is a new manufacturer of previously forgotten Norwegian designs and dedicate themselves to hunting through archives and attics, looking for these design gems and then breathing life into them with the upmost care and integrity.

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May 01
On top - Mai 2019

Warm welcome

With its striking fjords and spectacular landscapes, Norway is the quintessence of natural beauty. Beyond the northern lights, breathtaking scenery and midnight sun, however, this Nordic nation is home to a quality that can’t be captured in a photograph or put into words: kos, the small joys that make us feel safe and content.

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Apr 25
Apr 23
Apr 23
Apr 18
Apr 11
Eikund - 12. april 2019

The Treasure hunt

Throughout 2015 Eikund went treasure hunting across the country rummaging attics and archives to discover Norway’s hidden furniture gems. They talked, traveled and drank copious cups of coffee on a mission to highlight Norway’s forgotten design history.

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